Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: ESPN’s Michelle Beadle and WWE Should Just be Friends Again!

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) Flipping through Facebook the other morning I saw a story that made my little wrestling fan heart sad. Once the hugfest between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finished one of ESPN’s anchors, Michelle Beadle, said she was no longer supporting the WWE after Triple H took a post-fight picture […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: Extreme Rules Poster Just Another Picture Of John Cena With The American Flag

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) Nothing makes me happier both as a person and a wrestling fan to know that the Extreme Rules poster is just a picture of John Cena with the American flag painted on his face. Even in the midcard Cena is the main attraction. If there was ever a way […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: Brock Lesnar – Life’s Reward To Paul Heyman For Living Through A Plethora of Close Calls And Follies In The Professional Wrestling World

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) In the 1990’s Paul Heyman discovered the homicidal, genocidal Sabu. If you’re going to use the term ‘Once in a Generation’ to describe anybody in the Era of Attitude, you’d, have to give it to Sabu. The man used a chair the way Superman uses a cape and flew […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: Bill O’Reilly vs. John Stewart In WWE

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) Celebrity appearances bring out the skeptic in all wrestling fans. You don’t even have to be the stale Cena Hater to loathe Monday night guests after having lived through Reverend Al Sharpton and a string of Donald Trump story lines. It’s those moments where you sit and watch a […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: A Shot Of Cialis For The Intercontinental Championship

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) People started to notice how cool the Intercontinental Championship was the Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels wrestled the ladder – as Ric Flair called the legendary match between HBK and Razor Ramon. At that point in my life I wasn’t a wrestling fan yet. For me, my appreciation for the IC […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: Maybe A NXT Match Opens Wrestlemania?

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) This Wednesday we’ll witness a wrestling milestone. For the first time ever mainstream wrestling fans, such as myself, and the indie smarks will watch an event and will leave it satisfied. Granted, we’ll be calling the last match for NXT Takeover something different. To me, it’s Sami Zayne vs. […]

Hiitin’ It Raw-Dawg: Brock Lesnar Reigning Supreme May Be the Only Option

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) The way the fans feel for Brock Lesnar is different than how the fans have felt for any other superstar. He does not draw babyface reactions nor does he draw heat. What he does better than anybody else is draw guttural reactions. Fans do not boo Brock Lesnar. They […]

Hiitin’ It Raw-Dawg: Roman Reigns As New Polarizing Hero Of WWE

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) Roman Reigns won the 2015 Royal Rumble and nobody was surprised by the outcome. The Philadelphia crowd certainly was not. They made sure to boo Reigns from his entrance all the way to his win. Even when the Rock came in to save Roman from the Authority, the crowd […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: Royal Rumble Predictions

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) Triple Threat Match Brock v John Cena v Seth Rollins Rarely does the man carrying the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase get a championship match but in the case of the Shield’s former architect, Seth Rollins, the briefcase holder finds himself in a nice position. Even if he […]

Hittin’ It Raw-Dawg: TLC Predictions

(Maximum Sports Channels – Joseph Randazzo) Luke Harper © vs. Dolph Ziggler – Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship Match: After years of getting pushed in and out of main events, Dolph Ziggler is becoming a mainstay on Monday Night Raw. The Team Cena performance pushed him over the edge as someone who will be […]

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