Field View: After Real Madrid And Barcelona, La Lia Looks Dismal

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(Maximum Sports Channels – Carlos Ortega) Welcome to Field View, we have a lot of action in the world of soccer and as usually we will talk about the best matches played. So let’s started !!!

Elche vs Real Madrid 1-2 (La Liga): It is sad to admit this, but La Liga is a 2 team league, the other teams do not stand a chance in La Liga 18 and half of the teams have no shot at the title. The reason I say this is not that the other 18 teams are not talented, they are good enough to compete, the problem is that the other 18 teams are competing against Barcelona/Real Madrid and the refs. This is not even about a Cristiano Ronaldo/Leonel Messi thing I’m trying to make here, La Liga is hurting itself if this continues. No one will want to invest in the other teams because they do not see the point in wasting their money on teams that are at a significant disadvantage. Barcelona and Real Madrid are like the rich in society while the other La Liga teams are the poor who can never get a shot at the big pay-day.

Its tough for these teams to play their hearts out and then to have the refs put a dagger right into their chests. All I’m saying, is that if La Liga continues like this, the league is only going to become worthless like the Scottish league is today. Barcelona vs Sevilla game was no different, the refs clearly help Barcelona when he cancelled the Sevilla goal from the corner kick.

Chievo vs Juventus 1-2 (Serie A): I watched most of this match with my hands covering my face and I am going to detail my perspective of this game. Vidal is vital. I was surprised to see him get only the last few minutes. There is an evident lack of, well, everything, when he’s on the bench. Llorente and Quags do not work well together. For the most part, Juve’s attack consisted of a high ball to Llorente who would try and chest it down to Quags. This worked only a handful of times but possession was lost soon after. There is not enough creativity between these two, at least not yet. The game changed a lot once Tevez was brought on. Chievo played a higher line when he wasn’t on the field. Clumsiness from Buffon had me wondering what on Earth is going on? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him make a mess of a rather standard shot. Hopefully this is one of his rare errors that we won’t see too often. Peluso is offensively challenged. Decent defensive performance but on the attack I saw nothing worthy from him. A couple of crosses behind the target and that was it. This team sorely missed Asamoah‘s penetration. One of Licht or Asamoah should start either game, having both benched means the wing backs lack ‘bite’. Marchisio looks good. I didn’t expect him to start so soon but he put in a good performance and made several runs in behind the defense that caused trouble. With a Pirlo and Bonucci on the field simultaneously, he will relish the long ball he will receive. Seems to me he assured Conte that he still deserves that starting spot over Pogba, who had a sub-par night. Pogba’s passing was his let down yesterday.

Llorente is getting better. More minutes is the key to his form recovery, as he is seeming to improve on his work rate and looks more comfortable. If not for the own goal touch from Bernnardini, Llorente might have put that away. He was lurking just behind the defender to meet that oncoming cross. Unless they want to chase the pack, Juventus must stop conceding. Silly goals and lapses in concentration will be Juventus’s downfall this year if they don’t get their defense together. Yes, Vidal and Bonucci were rested, but it should have been 2 goals they conceded. They can’t afford to have so many leaks if they want to retain the title again this year, especially with the way the rest of the league are playing this year.

Barcelona vs Real Sociedad 4-1 (La Liga): Bartra looks good every time he plays for Barcelona. I think the only way to truly help Pique is to bench him and show him he needs to get his head in this game or he won’t play anymore. Barcelona is letting politics get in the way again. All because the player has done important stuff for the club in the past does not mean he should be guaranteed a start when he is playing poorly. It is disrespectful to Bartra. Too bad now that Masch has a hamstring injury (their best defender this season), it’ll probably be Bartra and Pique or maybe even Puyol and Pique.

Neymar, Messi and Pedro will be their most dangerous trio. Neymar has given a hint that he prefers Pedro over Alexis, “Pedro surprised me the most, he runs, defends and scores.” Pedro tries to play the creative winger role way too much and it doesn’t suit him. They have the best midfield trio (Cesc, Iniesta, Xavi) that can create for the forwards. Pedro should really be focusing on crossing, getting into good scoring positions and link up play with Alves. Alexis played a decent game but was once again he is one of the worst performers on the Barca team. Pique wasn’t bad but he did lose focus again and give up the goal but was still slightly better than Alexis. The Barcelona team look more comfortable when its Pedro out there than Alexis.

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